Photo: Tit Viscek

Photo: Tit Viscek


I am a trained architect with a deep passion for photography. Whereas I am fulfilling my fascination for architecture on a professional level, I practice photography as a passion besides my main job, since 2016 especially street photography. But this has not always been the case.

When I got my first analog SLR in 1991, I started to take photos of buildings and urban settings. People could rarely be found in those pictures. I used photography as a supplement to understand geometry, composition, scale and light and trained myself to use the darkroom and developed the pictures myself. This interest in architectural BW photography faded with the transition from analog to digital photography at the beginning of this Millennium.

Years later, when I looked back at my pictures, I felt bored because of the lack of people. But no building, street, square or entire city can be lively and appealing without people who populate it and enrich it with their different behaviors, expressions and social interactions.

My fascination for street photography was born to fill the gap of my earlier photographs and to complement my professional life. So I bought a digital camera and started to hit the streets.

My main focus is to capture unstaged moments, I try to not influence the scene and act candidly and preferably close, considering myself within the tradition of human-centric and documentary street photography.

While I mostly shoot in black and white I recently also started to explore color photography, and occasionally I still make some detours into abstract and graphic street photography.

My home base is Amsterdam, The Netherlands. But I also love to travel with my camera in my hand for some nice street moments and like to get into contact with others wherever my camera brings me.